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Yeb Com Business offers its products on a usage based, as opposed to per-line & per seat. This unique wholesale model is unheard of in enterprise and business markets. Yeb Com Business utilize this model to insure its business grow, as the business of its clients grow.

  • Unlimited Incoming Calls

  • 2000 Minutes Outgoing calls
    (2cents every additional minute)

  • Voice Mail (Voicemail-to-email) with Auto-Attend

  • Call Waiting

  • Intelligent Call Forwarding

  • Keep Your Current Phone Number

  • Low International rates

  • Over 40 Call features

  • 911 Dialing

  • Keep Your Phone Number


Yeb Managed PBX
  • Unlimited extensions (No per seat charge)

  • Unlimited phone lines (No per line charge)

  • Unlimited Voicemail boxes

  • Unlimited Call Queue

  • Unlimited Call Conferencing

  • Intelligent Digital Receptionist

  • Connect multiple offices

  • Web based Dashboard

  • Intercom - Paging

  • 1 DID included, add unlimited DID in over 2000 cities nationwide

  • 1cent per minute incoming calls, 2 cents per minute outbound calls in USA, Canada and 40 other countries

  • No equipment to buy

  • Upgrades and maintenance included


Yeb Business Addons

Yeb VoiceMail
  • Select Your Area Code and  Phone Number

  • Receive Voicemails Via Email

  • Review Voicemails online
  • Auto Attendant

  • Receive unlimited Voicemails


Business DID
  • Select Your Area Code and  Phone Number

  • Add Local Phone Number to Your  Existing Line

  • Numbers available in 2000 cities nationwide


Toll-Free Number
  • 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 numbers are available

  • Your callers can dial your number without paying long distance charges

  • You are charged 3.9 cents per minute

  • Vanity numbers are avialable (i.e. 866-6YEBCOM)


Yeb Web Fax
  • Select Your Area Code and  Phone Number

  • Receive Fax Via Email

  • Review faxes online
  • No Internet Needed

  • Receive unlimited faxes


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