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Unlimited Home Phone


  • Unlimited Calling Within continental USA and 9 countries worldwide

  • Universal Voice Mail (Voicemail-to-email)

  • Call Waiting

  • Intelligent Call Forwarding

  • Keep Your Current Phone Number

  • Low International rates

  • Over 40 Call features

    Limited time offer-24 month signup required


Yeb Communications LLC is a telecommunications provider, providing next generation communication services to enterprise, business, wholesale and consumer markets. Yeb Communications LLC,  operates an IP and voice backbone with dozens of Points-Of-Present world-wide, and has the technical experience not found with other IT companies.


Our mission is to provide the best product, at the best possible price. We are also strong believers in the America economy, and therefore we ALWAYS kept our call centers in America. By keeping our call centers in America we continue to support the economy and give back to the community, and we provide better customer service to our customers.

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